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Know More In Difference Juicer and Blender


Mens sana in corpore sano, through the jargon that is so popular we like to be reminded that the health of the body is an absolute must in order to achieve personal excellence. In addition to exercise, maintaining a healthy body can also accomplish through proper nutrition, one of them by eating fruits and vegetables, if you feel tired of eating vegetables and fruit with a rather large amount, you can make it more fun by making it a juice or smoothies, of course, you need a blender or juicer to make. Tools juicer or blender you can find easily in the nearest supermarket or when it does not bother you can buy it online, you can find the best juicers on the market that we recommend on our website.

Before you decide to buy a juicer or blender you should know the differences were that the products you buy according to your needs. Here’s the difference:

Juicing is the process of taking water and nutrients from vegetables or fruits by separating and disposing of the fiber can not be processed by the body. Without fiber, digestion You do not need to work hard to digest food and absorb nutrients. This is very helpful for those who have a sensitive digestive system or have limitations in the ability to digest fiber. Vegetables or fresh fruit in the juice is very good for the body because it helps remove toxins and contain many nutrients and provide resistance to the body. Juice can make you eat lots of vegetables and fruits in a 1 cup serving, more efficient, is not it?

While blending does not like juice, smoothies/blender containing the whole of the fruit or vegetable, skin, until the fiber from vegetables. The process also allows the blender into a fine fiber vegetables and fruits so that it becomes easier to digest and simplify the nutrients absorbed into the blood and maintain blood sugar. Besides smoothies also tend to be more filling than juice and a blender also works faster than a juicer. This makes the blender as the right choice if you do not have time to spare and want a drink quite filling.

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